Bryce Astle Memorial Training Facility

The Lift – Phase 1

The core of this project is the lift and tunnel at the Dick Bass Highway. This will increase the race training area from two slalom courses to possibly six and will allow for a full-length giant slalom course. Safety wise it will virtually eliminate interface skiing issues with the public. It will allow more training runs and less waiting for the racers to go down the training course.  More mileage creates better skiers. Lights for night skiing and snowmaking equipment are additional possibilities. The budget for the Bryce Astle Foundation is one million dollars.  Due to state and federal permitting our tentative schedule to break ground in the summer of 2020

SBSEF Team Building

The current building is small and was not designed to accommodate the number of kids, coaches and equipment that make up Snowbird Sports Education Foundation of today, much less the added number of people that will be utilizing and training in this expanded facility.  The existing Race Shack will be expanded to supply more space for equipment, staff, race meetings, coaches lockers, storage, and more.

Team Facility-Offices-Conference Rooms-Avalanche Center

These accommodations are nonexistent at this point and long overdue.  In collaboration with Snowbird a new team facilty, offices and conferences rooms will be constructed. This building will be located by the Cathouse across from the race hill and will be built two stories from the parking lot level up. The Bryce Astle Memorial Training Facility will provide amenities, ski tuning, kitchen, lockers, showers, team offices, and conference space, and more